Tuesday, February 13, 2007

assorted goodies

This is a weekend mother/daughter or father/son retreat to talk about important matters concerning purity. Gracyn and I are very excited to be in the process of planning our retreat together! You can find it from Focus on the Family. We have some friends who did it with their daughter. They loved it.

Here is our new, exciting book full of spelling games. We will be using it with our wordwall, but it would be fun for any spelling program.

Gracyn just finished this historical fiction book and really liked it. It is from the time of ancient Greece.

This is the side of our fridge. We have reinstated "Bible Breakfast" at our house. At the breakfast table, we learn about the entire Bible, beginning with the old testament with Our Spiritual Heritage (see an earlier post for the link) and then we draw as we learn from the book of Acts using Picture This Bible (also a link in the earlier post). The top poster is "Our 24 Family Ways" which we have enjoyed a couple of times through and continue to discuss. The purple and white are where we are in Our Spiritual Heritage.
Here is a zoomed in shot as an example. You can see that it divides the Bible into parts and then divides the parts into parts. There are so many sets of cards that make more and more divisions that we could take this as deep as we want and make it last as long as we want.

This is Our 24 Family Ways poster. It comes with a devotional from Whole Heart Ministries. We have loved it! (coloring books too!)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

wordwall graduate!

Here is Braeden standing next to his "Word Wall" as he graduates to the next level of words to read, spell, and use. We took these words off of the wall and added new, more advanced words. He was very proud of himself. He is quite a good speller!

We have enjoyed the "Working with Words" books by The Four Blocks.

Monday, February 5, 2007

mornings are fun!

We have gotten into a new routine in the mornings. At the breakfast table, I used to do these fun devotionals with my children when they were little. Then, Kaegan just couldn't handle the sensory input any longer, and I tried lots of approaches without success, and then stopped. Now that he is older and more aware, less over stimulated...I'm trying again. I'm really excited about it. He is also into it. We are doing "Our Spiritual Heritage" and "Picture This Bible." Kaegan stays for what he can handle at the moment and is often in and out, but he gets what he gets out of it, and we are all having fun.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Chore door hangers

I keep re-vamping how to organize chores and actually implement the plan on a regular basis. I came up with this idea...

I used this template http://www.faber-castell.com.au/bausteine.net/file/showfile.aspx?downdaid=5977&sp=E&domid=1010&fd=0 to make "choor hangers" to go on my kids' door knobs. I decorated them and I'm going to laminate them and use dry erase markers for their daily chores on one hanger, then weekly chores on another hanger. Several others, I used to list extra chores that they can earn money for. At the end of the week, they can bring the hangers to me for some kind of reward.