Thursday, February 1, 2007

Chore door hangers

I keep re-vamping how to organize chores and actually implement the plan on a regular basis. I came up with this idea...

I used this template to make "choor hangers" to go on my kids' door knobs. I decorated them and I'm going to laminate them and use dry erase markers for their daily chores on one hanger, then weekly chores on another hanger. Several others, I used to list extra chores that they can earn money for. At the end of the week, they can bring the hangers to me for some kind of reward.


Ruth said...

love your idea! might have to steal it!

have you read my HS blog post yet?
I thought it was a tad funny.

I would love to see a picture on one of the knob hangers when you are finished!

happy Homeschooling!

nicholes-picholes said...
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anet said...

Hey, they make dry erase boards that hang on door knobs. Might be more convenient.

josha said...

yes, if you live near a real store that might have them! Good idea.