Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new beginnings

This blog is sort of about the homeschooling journey and yes, it is about that. But I think it's more of a journey for me. I start off trekking along my journey, whistling a tune and then there's a creek to cross, then a mountain to climb, and don't forget the marshlands. Those obstacles show up in various forms. They may not even look like obstacles to you, but to, what a mess. I lay guilt trips on myself and tie what I do to the outcome so tightly that you can't even see the knot. Sometimes I don't even see it and I've forgotten I tied it. Thankfully, others around me are also on their journeys. Their paths cross mine and I'm reminded, "Oh yeah, I'd forgotten I tied that all up." And renewal comes. I'm in a time of renewal now along my journey after lots of tied knots along my way.
I did a truly special thing. I carved out time for meeting up with a like-minded friend who is traveling a similar journey alongside mine. We met at a hotel on the outskirts of Chicago and talked. Then we talked and after that, we talked. I didn't even know the release I needed. I didn't recognize the knots I'd tied, but she did. Those knots of self-denial and outcome based thoughts that blocked my creativity are loosening. My return to this blog is a part of the process to return to joy in my teaching methods and in my life. I have a friend who persistently pursues answers to hard questions.
I hope you have a friend like that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gracyn works on her art project for the art show.  The theme is "wow!"
Hers is of a page full of dalmations with a bassett in the center.  The title is "Bow-WOW!"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Looting the Pirate Ship

Here are the two geniuses playing "loot the pirate ship" which is the game I referred to a couple of posts ago.  Here it is again.  Cuz, really, it's so good.  Also, this is the incredible site the game came from.  It has free downloads an is so inspiring to me.  It looks like something I'd do if I were more "together."  hehe

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Finally finished our Monster Book of Monsters!  So fun!

Here are our skeletons and our special election edition of our homeschool magazine!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to posting

It's been way too long since I posted and there is always so much to post about.  Like the past few days, for example.  We've done so many wonderful things together.  Braeden and I have had a great time playing our new game.  You really want to make this game!  It teaches so many math concepts at once.  He also informed me that the book he was reading had "a lot of strong verbs" in it.  I love it!  He's reading Daniel Boone and Ralph S. Mouse right now.  We are reading books from various genres and also adding up all of our books to reach 100 books.  We have our own magazine publishing house right now, too.  Our magazine is called "The Hourglass" and our first publication went out a couple of weeks ago with a special election edition due out on Tuesday.  We wrote several things for it over this weekend and have it nearly ready.  We also examined an owl pellet this weekend (school happens all the time...) and made Q-tip skeletons.  It's just so fun doing things together and laughing as we learn.  

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Marauder's Maps

The kids had a great time creating marauder's maps.  They chose to make the maps of our Smithindor.  Gracyn's is the first one you see with the pop-up second story.  Braeden's is next which includes the "unknown room."  It was fun to see how their minds work and to see how they drew out the space we call "home."  They both did an excellent job!  

Sunday, February 10, 2008

peacock feather quill

Gracyn had the superb idea to make her loooong peacock feather into a quill for her harry potter writing assignments.  You'll have to click on the pic to make it bigger.  Very clever.