Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new beginnings

This blog is sort of about the homeschooling journey and yes, it is about that. But I think it's more of a journey for me. I start off trekking along my journey, whistling a tune and then there's a creek to cross, then a mountain to climb, and don't forget the marshlands. Those obstacles show up in various forms. They may not even look like obstacles to you, but to, what a mess. I lay guilt trips on myself and tie what I do to the outcome so tightly that you can't even see the knot. Sometimes I don't even see it and I've forgotten I tied it. Thankfully, others around me are also on their journeys. Their paths cross mine and I'm reminded, "Oh yeah, I'd forgotten I tied that all up." And renewal comes. I'm in a time of renewal now along my journey after lots of tied knots along my way.
I did a truly special thing. I carved out time for meeting up with a like-minded friend who is traveling a similar journey alongside mine. We met at a hotel on the outskirts of Chicago and talked. Then we talked and after that, we talked. I didn't even know the release I needed. I didn't recognize the knots I'd tied, but she did. Those knots of self-denial and outcome based thoughts that blocked my creativity are loosening. My return to this blog is a part of the process to return to joy in my teaching methods and in my life. I have a friend who persistently pursues answers to hard questions.
I hope you have a friend like that.

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