Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to posting

It's been way too long since I posted and there is always so much to post about.  Like the past few days, for example.  We've done so many wonderful things together.  Braeden and I have had a great time playing our new game.  You really want to make this game!  It teaches so many math concepts at once.  He also informed me that the book he was reading had "a lot of strong verbs" in it.  I love it!  He's reading Daniel Boone and Ralph S. Mouse right now.  We are reading books from various genres and also adding up all of our books to reach 100 books.  We have our own magazine publishing house right now, too.  Our magazine is called "The Hourglass" and our first publication went out a couple of weeks ago with a special election edition due out on Tuesday.  We wrote several things for it over this weekend and have it nearly ready.  We also examined an owl pellet this weekend (school happens all the time...) and made Q-tip skeletons.  It's just so fun doing things together and laughing as we learn.  

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