Tuesday, September 11, 2007

today's schooling

Well, today, Gracyn got up and dressed and took initiative to complete her individual work. She worked very diligently and I was so proud. Here is what she accomplished on her own:
poetry memorization
spelling, completing the lesson with 100% accuracy (advanced level spelling with the phonetic zoo)
Math practice sheet (I'd planned to do the next lesson with her and move on, but we'll do that tomorrow)
Read another chapter in Pride and Prejudice (highschool level reading)
Two pages in her Pride and Prejudice companion book--reading and vocabulary work (hs level)
I had some "together" things planned, but she worked so hard and did such an impressive job, I let her have free time instead.

Braeden played GI Joes while the above activities took place. So, he and I did our reading practice and spelling links together, then math and a science/language arts combo lesson. Then we took Kaegan to the school for his time with Susie and we worked on our animal classifications game that we are making together.

Kaegan had an amazingly interactive time with Ms. Susie at school and then we did a little bal-A-vis-X. Soccer and karate were after school. whew!

We got a lot done and had a nice, productive day.

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Sara said...

I just read this, but I wanted to know how Gracyn liked Pride and Prejudice?!?! Did you two get to watch the movie?