Thursday, February 7, 2008

wizard, Gracyn

We got a harry potter game for the wii!!

It has been so much fun...the kids could hardly stop playing it to eat and sleep!

I also ordered some calligraphy pens to use as quills and Gracyn has been using her loooong peacock feather as a quill.  The calligraphy pens make cursive practice fun.  

We finished our comic book pages, but I can't get blogger to post it.  It turned out great.  I kept having to remind the kids that it was a Latin assignment....use some latin words!  haha!  They had fun with it.  We are also still working on our creative writing assignment of making a Monster Book of Monsters.  Gracyn wrote the chapter of the Boggart in the Closet as a play and we will soon be acting that out for you!  Lots going on!  And super fun!

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Ruthie said...

cool! joel and I saw the wii game a few weeks ago and thought of buying it but decided we should wait until we read all the books.. as not to spoil them :)
love your post!
cant wait to see you book of monsters!