Thursday, January 17, 2008

more fun

There is a lot of reading going on around here.  I have many things I want to post about but I need to download more pictures.  Today began "magical writing" (writing styles) class.  We also began "charms" (latin) class.  Braeden drew a cartoon of 2 wizards, dueling and yelling latin phrases.  One yells, "aqua-sem" and has water squirting out.  The other is yelling, "inflammo!" and fire is shooting out of his.  Gracyn also thought of these:
fabulamus:  tricks someone into believing your story
viadatum:  creates a road or a way out
silvantase:  finds a way out of a forest
terrabilse:  makes the ground change
portase:  makes a gate appear where there wasn't one
Dareduce:  makes someone do what you want them to

Creative way to remember those vocab words which we haven't bothered to memorize until now.

It's fun to pretend and learn simultaneously!


Sara said...

Seriously, I wish that I had this much fun learning when I was a kid!

Ruthie said...

oh latin here we come too! :) GREAT idea!

cant wait to see more pictures :)
mailing your owls today! (promise)