Friday, January 25, 2008

the sorting hat...

After a visit to diagon alley for measurements and purchases of wizarding supplies, we headed to the welcome feast where the sorting hat sorted us all into Smithindor House.  Gracyn and Braeden both wrote Smithindor verses for the sorting hat song.

Braeden's Smithindor verse:
The ones who are silly are always in Smithindor.
These crazy people do crazy things, 
but however loving they are, 
Their sense of humor rings.

Gracyn's goes like this:
Dwell you might in Smithindor,
where you find the clever.
They're not afraid to be themselves,
and their thoughts you cannot sever.
We learned about verse, stanza, and rhyme scheme.


Ruthie said...

I like your Smithindor house verses, they are great!! today we did Herbology class it was fun!!

Have a great day er night.

Catherine of puppy paw house.

Sara said...

Hooray for Smithindor!!!! I love it here!